The ClubSitter is a superior device that holds your club up off the ground on the course and around the green. This useful device is made from a durable and flexible plastic compound which will allow it to be an integral part of your golf game for years to come.

The ClubSitter is one of the easiest devices you will ever use - simply attach the ClubSitter to the shaft of your golf club then "point the toe to the sky and let it lie." The ClubSitter will stand that club up and away from the wet grass and chemicals below. After you play your shot, in one simple step you can detach the device from one club and transfer it to another.

Not only does the ClubSitter help keep your clubs in great condition and protect you from golf course chemicals, it also prevents you from losing a club or from having to bend over to pick one up! Because the ClubSitter stands your club up and keeps it visible - as opposed to buried in the rough - never again will you leave one of your precious metals behind.

In addition, the ClubSitter, versatile as it is, can hold more than one club at a time. Plus, storing the ClubSitter in between holes is a snap! After sinking that tough 10-footer, simply attach the ClubSitter to any one of your club shafts in your bag and head to the next hole. The ClubSitter will be waiting for you there securely until you need it next.

Problem Solved!